Moving the Needle In Your Business and Personal Life: What you should know in 2018

lorem ipsum This is my first blog of 2018 and what a better way to kick start the year than by creating a road map I want to do in my professional and personal life and sharing them with you, family, friends, colleagues, and all the readers.  The purpose for this exercise is to write on paper which activities I would like to perform and place them in order of priority starting from this years’s list most importance to the least important activities . I also like to allocate different “buckets” of time, energy, and resources to each of the individual activities I choose to pursue create  One of my business goals remove the separation of creating a Quarterly Business Action Plan involves setting up of practical tools and action items with which my team and I user to setup our daily activities and goals. I my option setting up one or two objectives the most that are important and whose activities align with your vision and mission as a company, is the single most important focus for any team and businesses out there. In establishing one or two main goals versus a series of to-do list gets my vision more solidified and while creating a tasks is important they make an considerable impact on your business process and bottom line revenue when they are aligned with your business goals. So when creating action items, I can setup my sales activities and the number of out bound calls to be broken down into number sales call per day and even per hour! Onboard one new client every month as my primary objective and all of the associate activities around that gets me to the following numbers that my team has to achieve; one my Managed Services Agreement is 3.8 new sign ups every quarter, two, my number of sales appointments of both warm leads and first time appointments will have to be 19 appointments per quarter or 5 appointments per month. And three, my close ratio of closing new clients is at 20% or more. These metrics should take my business goals of onboarding one client per month achievable and has the most impact on top down revenue and ROI for our organization.With a clearly defined objective and mile stones, I can identify which activities  for me and my team will produce the results I want out of my business and those activities that are colossal waste of our time. Investing time, resources, and attention on these series of activities are required to move the needle  for my organization in creating a enhanced partnership with our customer experiences vendors, business partners, our own internal team, and upper management. As for setting personal goals, if I break things I wanted to accomplish into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals I can only do things that produce high impact and consistent results in my goal of running a marathon this year. One of my personal goals is to run and finish a marathon under 3 hours and 45 minutes Breaking this goal into a series of weekly long runs are the action item that I must take to get to my main objective. I ready believe that if I Creating a support group around my goal, I can train and make this experience a lot of enjoyable and with more consistent results than if I train alone or even with a coach. Training with my support group also solidifies my commitment to achieving own goal while providing support and adding value to friends and training mates to reach their own set of goals. I use the Strava app ( as another layer of accountability and making sure I am hitting my daily goal as a move from joining short distance races (5 K, 10K),  participating in an half marathon, and finally a full marathon and finishing a PR time. Goals creation gets all the more enjoyable for me when I can be break them down into series of small actionable steps. Forming groups and teams around my personal and business goals solidifies my mission and vision for the next few months. I am out on a mission to accomplish business, personal, financial, and spiritual goals this year and following small actionable steps with a clear intention and with a supportive group and team behind me, that is how I will reach those goals that I have setup to achieve this year. Be well and be happy. ~ Lex.

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