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I am a technology agnostic project manager and a Kanban and Scrum practioner. During my spare time I operate a boutique staffing agency that caters to Information Technologists,  engineers, developers  and other professionals in the Technical field. I perform full life-cycle recruitment in manufacturing, biotechnology, industrial & electronics, chemicals, rubbers & plastics, and e-commerce industries. I am a  seasoned national recruiter for high volume, hard-to-fill, and niche market positions. As a seasoned technical recruiter I  perform above and beyond in every endeavor I choose to pursue. I grew up in 2 continents Manila (Philippines) and later in California. I enjoy the sun and love being outdoors.

I attended college and received my AA degree in Business Administration at  Rio Hondo College and gained admission to University of California Berkeley in fall of 2008. I want to eventually return to school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies. One of my favorite adage I live is  “those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer”. During my spare time I try to stopby Next Door Shelter at San Francisco’s Tenderloin  disctrict. This facility  is operated by Episcopal Community Services and provides 24 hour emergency homesless shelter and is also home to  340 people everyday and night. I encourage you to stop by and serve a meal there, the reward I get is as they say is “priceless.”Other causes that I support and share to others to raise awareness are Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco, and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

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